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Chocolate Raspberry Vegan Macarons

I had some extra chocolate ganache from making the last batch of almond chocolate macarons, so I had to figure out what to do with it. (Make more macarons, obviously.) These chocolate raspberry vegan macarons have bright pink raspberry flavored shells with chocolate ganache and a dab of raspberry preserves in the middle. I think they’re my favorite batch so far!
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Chocolate Almond Vegan Macarons

Rich chocolate ganache sandwiched between almond shells in these almond vegan macarons. The ganache is creamy and delicious - it’s hard to believe there’s no dairy or butter in this frosting. The classic almond chocolate flavor pairing is delicious!
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Blueberry Cardamom Vegan Macarons

Ahh, macarons. After making my first batch of pistachio macarons, I knew I wanted to try more flavors tout suite, so next up are these blueberry cardamom vegan macarons. A purple blueberry flavored vegan buttercream is sandwiched between pale blue cardamom shells for a sweet dessert with a hint of exotic flavor.
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Vegan Pistachio Macarons

You might have noticed that I have a dessert category. And you might have thought to yourself, “a bean based dessert.. what the what? How can that possibly taste good?” And the answer is - to a large extent - aquafaba! (To be fair, there are also black bean brownies, which I haven’t attempted yet...) Aquafaba is the liquid from a can of chickpeas, and it whips up into a fluffy meringue just like egg whites do. This means it’s just as versatile - think chocolate mousse, meringue cookies, lemon meringue pie - anything you would use egg whites for. And there are no raw eggs in it, which makes taste testing the batter not scary.
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