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Vegan Burger Bowl

Yes, I’ve been on a total bowl kick lately. They’re a fantastic way to use leftovers without feeling like you’re eating the same thing over and over. This one was inspired by trying to make having a burger feel a bit healthier- I’m good with the vegan burger patty itself, but the nutritional value of the bun is definitely a bit more questionable. Pairing it with whole grains seems to be much more the thing!
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Plant Based Burger with Miso

Every vegan (and vegetarian) needs a staple plant based bean burger in their arsenal. They’re easy to make, they’re a summertime staple, and are super versatile - you can crumble them and use for taco meat, as quesadilla filling, or even on top of a salad.
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Savory Kidney Bean Pie

Ahhh, spring in New England. March was in like a lion but definitely not out like a lamb this year. As the cold lingers, I find myself wanting to make all the comfort food recipes I didn’t have a chance to get to over this past winter. Savory pies seem like something that fits the bill perfectly. This vegan kidney bean pie recipe is inspired by traditional kidney pie flavors - tomato paste, bay leaves, Worcestershire sauce - but swaps out the meat for kidney beans. It also adds in all the “hearty” vegetables - mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, and onion. Instead of just, you know, a pie full of meat (or in this case, beans).If we still had root cellars, this would a good way to finish off the store from winter.
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