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Garlicky white bean stew with sage and leeks

Oh boy. If you want your house or kitchen to smell amazing, make this stew - it has ALL the aromatics (fresh spices, leeks, and garlic). It’s delicious, lovely, and warm.
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Vegan Chili

Chili is one of those dishes that you can serve in every season. It’s sure to please in summer, winter, and everything in between. This plant based chili recipe is packed full of nutritious ingredients, so it’s good for you too.
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Creamy Carrot And White Bean Soup

Bright carrot and white bean soup is loaded with carrots and onion simmered in vegetable stock until totally tender. Blending in cannellini beans makes the soup creamy without the need for milk or cream, and adds heft and extra nutrition. This easy soup has lots of carrot flavor and is savory enough to make the perfect light meal when paired with some dressed greens and bread.
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Split Pea Soup with Eggplant Bacon

I’ve posted a lot of green food recipes lately, and here’s yet another one. It’s still a spring thing - split pea soup is certainly in season right now (at least in the Northeast, where it’s pretty much still spring until June). Most split pea soups have ham added to them (Easter leftovers, amirite?), so I wanted to try to pull in some of that depth of flavor into a vegan split pea soup version. Also, I’ve been wanting to give eggplant “bacon” a try, and this was the perfect excuse.
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Kale, Potato and Butter Bean Soup with Croutons

If you’re looking to get your greens in, look no further! This soup blends hearty kale with - well, buttery - butter beans and white potatoes. Finish it off with a big crouton and velvety olive oil for a delicious soup-as-a-meal that’s surprisingly filling.
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Navy Bean and Sweet Potato Winter Stew

There's nothing quite as satisfying as stew in the winter - it's warming, comforting, and filling. This one is a favorite among the family, and garlic and thyme are really all that's needed to make this a perfectly seasoned winter dish.
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