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Mushroom and Cabbage Vegan Quesadillas with Parsley dipping sauce

I’m apparently in the mood for warm gooey filling and crispy bread. I write up a menu each week to help me make my grocery list, and this week’s menu has grilled cheese (vegan, of course) with tomato soup, enchiladas (gotta use up that butternut squash), and these quesadillas. (Note to self: make a healthier menu next week.)
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Garlicky white bean stew with sage and leeks

Oh boy. If you want your house or kitchen to smell amazing, make this stew - it has ALL the aromatics (fresh spices, leeks, and garlic). It’s delicious, lovely, and warm.
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Wild Rice and Beans with Brussel Sprouts

You can for sure call this dish rice and beans, but this isn’t the dish people complain about having to eat because they went over their grocery budget. (Well, I hope anyway!) I used a japonica black wild rice with white navy beans, and tossed it with roasted brussel sprouts. The contrasting colors pop on this wild rice and beans dish, and everything is tossed a balsamic and chili pepper blend for a flavor that’s tangy and spicy.
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Open Faced Portobello Sandwich with White Bean Thyme Puree

Does anyone else love hot open faced sandwiches? There’s something about a nice thick piece of bread topped with savory delicious layers of toppings while soaking up sauce that just speaks to me, especially when there’s still that cold bite in the air as spring approaches. And I do love me some bread. Mushrooms are the perfect “meaty” star in this vegan open faced portobello sandwich. There are four layers to this sandwich and it’s finished with a light drizzle of sauce that uses the white bean puree as a base.
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Navy Bean and Sweet Potato Winter Stew

There's nothing quite as satisfying as stew in the winter - it's warming, comforting, and filling. This one is a favorite among the family, and garlic and thyme are really all that's needed to make this a perfectly seasoned winter dish.
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